We want to be the Cheers of sandwiches...

When we decided to open a sandwich shop it wasn't about craft sandwiches and clean decor, it was about community. This meant providing food and services that gave back in as many ways as possible. This is why we found local partners, high quality products and set reasonable prices to make sure that you feel it's WORTH your time to visit us. You can eat anywhere, your money and time are valuable and we respect that. You may not have known that you needed a neighborhood 'spot' but now you've got one. We are excited to meet you. 


Serving Breakfast (all day), Lunch and Dinner

Monday - Saturday  8AM to 9:05PM

Sunday 8AM to 4:05PM

CLOSURES - Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day

We will be closing at 4pm on the following days: Wednesday November 27th, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and New Years Day