‘It’s just sandwiches’ - a phrase that we jokingly say on the reg when we have a crazy lunch shift or find ourselves taking things too seriously. But honestly, while quality and food are very important to us, our TEAM and who helps us get it done is even more so. Without a strong crew that shows up every day and swings for the fences, we wouldn’t get very far. We work hard to set a good foundation so that as we build our team, we are creating a work environment that fosters trust, accountability and a culture that’s fun and exciting. In this setting we can learn new skills and put out food and experiences that keep our community coming back for more.



Where do you see yourself?


Back of House

Our kitchen team is the heartbeat of our store! From learning basic skills like knife cuts, to poaching eggs and butchering meat all the way to running a fast paced lunch shift, we teach you the skills to grow a career in restaurants and kitchens.

Click below if you are interested in joining our team as a dishwasher, prep cook or line cook.


Front of House

Community connection is at the core of what we do. FOH is the first part of our guest experience and first impressions can be everything in our industry. We look for passionate individuals that not only care about the food we serve but also the people that we serve.

Click below if you are interested in joining our FOH team.



While we are always looking to hire and grow our team from within, we value both experience and diversity on our leadership team. From Sous or Executive Chef, to Culinary Director and Project Manager, we all help to keep the ship not just a-float, but sailing strong.

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