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Why is your food more expensive than fast food restaurants? 

Our food may be fast, but we don't consider ourselves a fast food restaurant. We are a fast-casual, independent, Arizona local restaurant. This means that we focus on sourcing the best possible ingredients from local partners whenever possible. We have a scratch kitchen, which requires more time, skill and overall effort from our staff than ready to eat and frozen food does. What does this mean for our food? It means better tasting food at a price higher than fast food but oh so worth it.  

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Do you have gluten free bread? 

The short answer is no, but we do have our gluten free guests covered. We've worked hard to find the best bread possible to compliment the flavors in our sandwiches and we just haven't quite found the best gluten free counterpart. Instead, we offer any sandwich, sans bread, over a bed of local greens with roasted sweet potatoes for extra heartiness. We call this 'bowl style' as it's got a little more 'oomph' than your typical salad. 

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Do you have vegetarian and vegan options? 

Yes! We have a relatively small menu, but we do have a veggie sandwich and a grilled cheese (with blackberry jam) that are both vegetarian. The veggie can made without spread as a vegan option as all of our bread is vegan. It can also be made without bread over greens as a hearty salad. If you come before 11, our breakfast menu has veggie breakfast options too - ask our helpful staff about them!